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Bread Box 2.216.jpg

A series of kitchen and home decor products as an extension of the iconic Emma series by Stelton.


Light pine wood, pastel tones, and minimalist profile are a few key attributes that define Emma. 

The new products are a natural extension of the series which highlights its Scandinavian design influence.

Bread Box

The bread box follows the gradually curved design of the previously designed Emma counterparts with soft edges that gives it a more feminine touch. The birchwood handle is riveted on the sheet metal lid. 



Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey



Painted steel with birch wood handle. 



The bottom container of the bread box is made by sheet metal drawing process. The edges are then curled to impart strength and rigidity. 



300mm x 250mm x 163mm

Bread box background.652.jpg

The Emma Bread Box is out in stores in the European market since July 2019.

Coffee Mill

The Emma coffee mill is more than just a kitchen gadget. The paraphernalia surrounding any appliance is guised by the simplistic and modern appearance making it more friendly and intuitive.


The coffee grinder complements the elements from the same product range. Its modest size also means that the grinder can easily be kept next to the coffee machine, so that it is always ready for use. 


Simplicity and functionality informed the design of the coffee mill.  It consists of a single ON/OFF switch attached to the lid, ensuring safety and a cord winder at the base for added convenience.



Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey



ABS body with transparent polycarbonate lid and stainless steel inner container 


Dimensions: 212mm x 110mm x 110mm

coffee mill rendering 11.504.jpg
coffee mill rendering 10.502.jpg

The Emma Coffee Mill is out in stores in the European market since July 2019.


The Emma glass vase is designed with an effort to create a transition of light and shade by tweaking the same material. The thick, deep base adds a definition to the form and gradually fades as the glass narrows on the top.



Deep blue, Deep green



Tinted blown glass



210 mm x 90mm x 90mm

150mm x 60mm x 60mm

Emma_Vase_1.508 copy.jpg
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