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Pepper Mill Rendering 2 copy .891.jpg

A modern, eclectic take on the traditional salt and pepper mill made using classic woodworking techniques. 

Miru is designed around the idea of ‘Traditional meets Modern’.   A material like wood is used in an unconventional way to create the same nostalgia and experience by embracing local, ancient crafts like wood turning which celebrates this material in a new way.


It is characterized by strong yet simple lines while focussing on the function of  the  product. The understated look of the mill beautifully complements the bold and eccentric tones with matte finish that makes it ideal for everyday use.


With this product, we believe in supporting and empowering local crafts communities and inculcate a sustainable and regenerative way of life. 


Material: Beech wood (Locally sourced wood, working in collaboration with native arborists)


Finish: Stained using pigments derived from naturally sourced ingredients


Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 210 mm

Pepper Mill Rendering 6.394.jpg
Miru_Pepper Mill Rendering 12.523.jpg
Pepper Mill Rendering 14.796.jpg
Pepper Mill Rendering 1.384.jpg
Pepper Mill Rendering 11.407 copy.jpg
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