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Table Lamp 7.517.jpg

POP is a set of simple but vibrant table and floor lamps designed as an extension to the existing POP series of lamps for Nordlux. 

Nordlux is a brand which creates designer products at an affordable price. An extension of a series enables the brand to create more shelf space for its current products. This lamp concept was an effort to add more products to their portfolio with optimum investment. The main focus of the concept was to create a solution which compliments the existing POP pendant and wall lamps and is a natural extension of the series.

The POP floor lamp is a quirky interpretation of a tripod structure. The proportions of the stand have been carefully designed to create a balanced floor lamp.

Scandinavia boasts of a vast tradition of lights. Due to the limited exposure to natural sunlight, the homes are always well lit with a combination of lights in every room. The POP floor lamp completes this picture and serves as a wonderful accessory to have in any room. The adjustable shade enhances the functionality of the otherwise simple lamp.

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Table Lamp 7.516copy.jpg
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