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Collaborating with traditional copper craftsmen of India to redesign the iconic Riviera watch collection.

‘Revival’ is a concept for a new generation Riviera watch which is an embodiment of India through its crafts. Watch-making is synonymous with craftsmanship and this concept seeks to revive the community and keep the craft alive.


I ventured into the old parts of my city, Pune which is home to a 400 year old community of coppersmiths called the ‘Tambats’, who have been working on this craft for generations. These are small, family-owned businesses which are slowly losing their significance.


My proposal for Baume & Mercier aims at supporting the revival of these age-old traditions by collaborating with these craftsmen to make parts of the watch using traditional tools and techniques.


With this proposal, it would be a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Baume & Mercier to be associated with a new heritage and contribute to better times in their lives and better value for their craft.

*This project has been selected by Baume & Mercier to be developed further for production.

Riviera_Render_4.617 copy.jpg
Riviera_Render_4.618 copy.jpg

Solar Parabolic Reflector

I explored a way to reinvent the conventional flaming technique of copper (using butane torch) by replacing it with a parabolic reflector. This process is designed as a sustainable alternative to heat patinate copper using renewable energy.


I also saw it as an opportunity to utilise electronic waste streams by using a discarded satellite dish and reflective sheets from cell phone screens to build the reflector.

Concentrated sunlight at the focus enables the metal to heat up to high temperatures and colourise. Copper when heated at certain high temperatures exhibits the ability to change the colour of its surface. As the temperature increases the metal transforms its surface with a spectrum of


This effort to blend craft and alternative energy presents us with an an array of possibilities to transform this metal into beautiful pieces of luxury.

System diagram for a collaborative working model between the copper craftsmen and Baume & Mercier

*This project has been selected by Baume & Mercier to be developed further for production.

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